Chocolate "Princessa"
Chocolate "Princessa"Chocolate "Princessa"

Chocolate "Princessa"

23.98 Fr.

The Princessa collection is luxurious, sublime and exceptionally feminine. It is about us - women, and since we are known for LOVING sweet treats, I decided to add a special edition of delicious designer chocolates to it! They carry my authorial touch, signature, and a flavor I truly love. 

Anyone with a sweet tooth and an appreciation for quality will surely enjoy this chocolate bar. It makes a wonderful gift for every special woman in your life :)

Because women deserve to be pampered...

This chocolate uses high quality cocoa - Fino de Aroma from South America. However, the bar was hand-made in Slovakia. It is generously sprinkled with dried strawberries ad cranberries, which ass a refreshing sour contrast to the sweet chocolate taste.

Type: Milk

Weight: 80 g

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass (min. 33% of cocoa), powdered milk, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, aroma: natural vanilla. TOPPING (3,5%) strawberry and cranberry

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