The PRINCESSA Collection Is Almost Here

The Princessa collection is luxurious, elegant, and quite different from all our previous collections. With Princessa, I took a journey through my country's history and my childhood, filled with tales about castles and princesses.

I am a grown-up woman now and I know what a real woman needs. In the 7 years of this brand's existence, I have learned what our customers seek, what colors and models they prefer. I know that women need handbags, backpacks and accessories that are practical, but make them feel exceptional at the same time. Therefore, this collection is for all such women - for all of you who want to feel special, while having a versatile handbag that goes with everything. These products will be your jewels that attract the looks of all who pass by, every single day.

The face of our last year's most exclusive collection, The Heart of Europe, was Miss Slovakia 2017 - Hanka Závodná. The faces of this collection will be my you - my customers, because Princessa is about you and about all women. Throughout the past 7 years, you have become my friends; you are kind, witty and generous, and that is why I decided to shoot this collection with no one else but you! Out of the 300 amazing women that applied to our contest, we have chosen 3 that will become the faces of this collection. We will have an amazing day together and you can all to be part of it!

On Sunday, the 28th of October 2018, we will be showing a live stream of the photo-shoot on our Facebook and Instagram pages. One week after that, the collection will go live on our website. We believe you will love it as much as we do, and I invite you all to come see it with your own eyes to our stores as well.

I look forward to it all! Sincerely, Your Dajana.

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